Ballets Russes


I found this very interesting painting in a Miami estate. It is not for sale for now. 
It is a great and very interesting painting. In 1980, Claude Venard developed an interest in Russian
ballet and he captured this very rhythmical movement on the canvas. I hope i will be able to offer
this beautiful painting for you some day. jh

How I start Buying Venard Paintings.

I came across Claude Venard paintings in the mid 80s in New York City. There used to be a gallery on
Madison Avenue run by Frenchman Felix Vercel - Gallery Vercel. I did not fall in love with Venard
paintings when I first saw them. I fell in love with other impressionist paintings from the school of Paris,
They were really beautiful and captured my heart. It was a pure pleasure to watch those paintings
in beautiful palette. But those strong and odd images of Venard painting gave me such a strong impression
on me - that I could never forget them. They are very strong, heavy, very odd in forms and sometimes
very much offensive but those images stuck to my soul and I could not get rid of it. It took a while until
I bought my first Venard painting. It was street scene of Paris - and the imagery of that painting grew on me.
It was slowly filling up the space of my mind and heart. I had to buy another one - always a pair of painting
by the same artist - and specially artist like Venard - is good. They energize each other. Then it became
three in the collection and I bought the fourth painting, and so on.   AF